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Sodablasting is a new paint stripping and cleaning technique that propels specially formulated sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) via compressed air onto the contaminated surface without damaging the existing substrate. We also offer Sandblasting, Soda blasting, baking soda media blasting, services and Powder coatingin Westminster.

New England Soda Blast is a Sand-blasting revolutionary company process that helps companies and contractors from all different backgrounds speed up their productivity in surface preparation. Our machines offer sand-blasting mobile services, baking powder blasting, industrial soda blaster media, paint removal & auto sand blasting. Soda striping. If you aren’t aware, in contrast to regular highly abrasive media sandblasters, the soda blaster is much better for blasting precise parts and items that tend to warp during the cleaning process. If you want to find your nearby location then you have to search “soda blasting media near me” and you can find us.

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